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The City of Fresno's Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

What is a CEDS?

A CEDS is a five-year economic development plan that follows the U.S. Economic Development Administration’s (EDA) collaborative planning framework.

Why create a CEDS?

The CEDS provides a vehicle for individuals, organizations, local government agencies, educational institutions, and private industry to engage in conversation about the city's economic future. Local leaders work collaboratively to address the City's challenges, shine a light on its opportunities, and ultimately improve economic prosperity for all. A CEDS also improves the City's potential to receive funds for infrastructure and other technical assistance from federal, state, and private foundations. 

Why do we need another plan?

The City of Fresno's CEDS does not replace or compete with existing plans. Instead the CEDS will align with and incorporate other plans that have been completed by the city, county, and the region. The goals, objectives, initiatives, and projects in these other plans are acknowledged in the City's CEDS and incorporated into the Action Plan as appropriate.

Who is in charge of the CEDS?

The City of Fresno's Economic Development Department is managing the CEDS process with assistance from an experienced consulting team. The CEDS vision, goals, and strategies are guided by a committee that represents the main economic interests of the region and includes public and private-sector organizations from throughout the city, the county, and the region.  

How can I participate?

As the city has worked on the CEDS over the past six months, staff received insights and suggestions from community organizations, businesses, and residents through various meetings, focus groups, interviews, and online surveys. During February, you can continue to participate by reviewing the draft CEDS and submitting your comments to the city's economic development or consulting team (contact information). 

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