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City of Fresno 2024-2029 CEDS and Supporting Documents 

2024-2029 City of Fresno Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

S.W.O.T.  The SWOT is an assessment of the city's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (or challenges) related to economic development.

ECONOMIC CONDITIONS  Data and trends related to the city's economic, physical, and social environments are presented in support of the CEDS strategies.

ORGANIZATIONAL ECOSYSTEM  This document lists and describes the substantial and proactive ecosystem of organizations and initiatives working independently and collaboratively to protect and improve the economic future of the Fresno region. 

ECONOMIC CENTERS. The City of Fresno has ten distinct economic opportunity areas or centers that are developed or can be further improved to create jobs and significantly increase economic activity. These Centers were identified by their short-term development potential (appropriate zoning, entitlements, and infrastructure) and in no way exclude other areas or specific sites in the city from development. Additional Centers or sites can be added and boundaries expanded in CEDS updates to accommodate these opportunities.

REFERENCE DOCUMENTS The city has and continues to invest in city and neighborhood planning. This is an inventory of the planning documents prepared by and for the city and reviewed during the development of the CEDS.

PUBLIC SURVEY REPORT Construction of the Fresno CEDS included an online survey available in multiple languages. This appendix summarizes the results.

PUBLIC NOTICE An invitation to view and comment on the Fresno CEDS was published in The Business Journal that covers the Central Valley. Notices were published on March 25, April 1, April 8, and April 15, 2024.

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